Oklahoma Wagyu Cut


We don’t need to say much about this cut, considered by many as the best cut in the animal. We cut them at 1.5” and they average about 4-6 oz. Absolutely exquisite steak.

Ribeye Steak

Everyone knows this cut. Who doesn’t love a good ribeye steak? One of the premium cuts and is quite simple to cook. We cut them at 1.25” and they will average around 16oz. Enough for two if you like.

KC Strip Steak

Also known as the New York Strip steak. The snowflake marbling in these steaks makes this a quick cook, but at medium rare, fantastic, and highly recommended. 1.25” thick Average 14-16 oz.

Sirloin Steak

Super tender buttery steak from the hindquarter. 1.25” thick and will range from 10-12 oz.

Denver Steak

This cut comes from the chuck. Also known as the McKinney or the under blade steak. The chuck has an intense beefy flavor, but in other breeds tends to have a significantly different texture. In Wagyu, the Denver steak has much more marbling and is extremely tender and juicy. Average 9-10 oz.

Flat Iron Steak

This cut also comes from the chuck. There are not very many of them in the yield and they come thinner. This steak is arguably the second most tender cut on the animal, although not many people know that. At 12-16 oz. on average, they are enough for 2 for a delicious meal.

Chuck eye Steak

The chuck eye is the nextdoor neighbor to the ribeye. It is the muscle extension that moves beyond the ribeye and into the chuck. So, it tastes and cooks like a ribeye steak, but more affordable. At 1.25 in thick and 12-16 oz, it’s plenty of meat for two. Try it and you will see what we mean.

Flank Steak

If you ever had good flank steak, you know. But imagine the Wagyu flank steak, the tenderness and flavor will stun you. Average 1 pound.

Skirt Steak

The little brother to the brisket, only this one can melt in your mouth. Absolutely delicious, especially when smoked for an hour or so at 170 and finished on the grill. Average of 1.5 pounds.



Weights depend upon each animal and can range from 8-16 pounds. We leave the trimming up to you. The end result of this cut is superb.

Tri-Tip Roast

This is the only roast we include with our standard cuts, only 2 per animal. Highly recommended. Average of 2 pounds.


If you are a rib lover, you simply have to try these. We cut them in the English style with 2 ribs per cut. Average of 16-20 oz each.

1/3# Burgers

You can always have the best ready to cook burgers on hand.  80/20 American Wagyu with all the flavor !(3 – 1/3# patties in each package).

Smoked Summer Sausage

We have Smoked Wagyu Summer Sausage either plain or jalapeno and cheese. Serving these at room temperature brings out the most flavor. A great addition to your charcuterie board. (1-pound packages).

Fresh Bratwurst

These Cheese or Jalapeno Cheese Bratwurst are in a word: Amazing! Put these on smoke at 155-170 degrees for 30 min to 1 hour tops. Then finish them at 350 degrees or so on the grill. Let sit for 5-10 minutes and enjoy. Immense flavor. Huge customer favorite! These come 4 per package.

Ground Beef

80/20 sold in 1-pound packages. Any dish you create with this ground beef will completely change and your burgers have never been so juicy!

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