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Wagyu Beef Products in Haskell OK

Wagyu Beef Products Oklahoma

The search for prime wagyu beef in Oklahoma has ended. With numerous different products, packages, and bulk order items, Oklahoma Wagyu has exactly what you’re looking for!

Here are just a few of the products they provide:

  • Filet Package, Haskell, OK
  • Ribeye Steak Package, Haskell, OK
  • KC Strip Steak Package, Haskell, OK
  • Sirloin Steak Package, Haskell, OK
  • Denver Steak Package, Haskell, OK
  • Chuckeye Steak Package, Haskell, OK
  • Flat Iron Steak Package, Haskell, OK
  • Wagyu Cheese Bratwurst Package, Haskell, OK
  • Wagyu Jalepano/Cheese Bratwurst Package, Haskell, OK
  • Wagyu Bratwurst Combo Package, Haskell, OK
  • Wagyu Rib Package, Haskell, OK
  • Wagyu Ground Beef, Haskell, OK
  • Brisket, Haskell, OK
  • Flank Steak, Haskell, OK
  • Skirt Steak, Haskell, OK
  • Tri-Tip Roast, Haskell, OK

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Rucker Ranch, Haskell, OK


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